As a student, you will be eager to submit a high-quality manuscript containing minimal typographical errors. You will also be concerned about ensuring your work remains entirely your own and that there is no risk to your qualification by having the wrong kind of help. Many universities have rules about the use of proofreaders by students. I work within the regulations to provide an ethical service that will be acceptable to your institution.

My student proofreading service includes the following:

  • correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting to ensure a high level of English and consistency throughout the document.
  • making notes, using comment boxes, where your writing is unclear so that you can re-write it. Note that this relates to clarity of English, not the clarity of your academic argument (which it would be inappropriate for me to comment on).
  • suggesting ways to break up long sentences or paragraphs to enhance readability.
  • regulations permitting, I can correct spelling errors in the references and highlight omissions and inconsistencies.

I am not able to re-write your work to paraphrase or increase/decrease the word count, alter the structure of the thesis or cross-check references in any way.

It is your responsibility to check the rules and regulations of your institution and provide me with a copy so that I can comply with them. The risk of failing to abide by the rules is high: you may fail your course if you are found to have broken them. To do any more than a standard proofread will require permission in writing from your supervisor/director of studies.

For more information or a quote, please contact me.